Gender Violence Against Women in Canada: Effective Approaches and Resources
Written by: Marika Morris
Publisher: Women Defining Peace
Place of Publication: Canada
Date of Publication: 2008
Languages: English
Annotation: This paper describes approaches and strategies used in Canada to prevent violence against women.
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Beliefs of Sri Lankan Medical Students about Wife Beating
Written by: Muhammad M. Haj-Yahia, Piyanjali de Zoysa
Type: Journal of Interpersonal Violence
Publisher: SAGE
Date of Publication: 2007
Page Number: 26 – 49
Volume Number: 22
Issue Number: 26
Annotation: The article presents the results of a study on beliefs about wife beating conducted among 476 Sri Lankan medical students.


The Prevalence and Pattern of Wife Beating in the Trincomalee District in Eastern Sri Lanka
Written by: Padmini Subramaniam and Sivagurunathan Sivayogan
Type: Southeast Asian J Trop Med Public Health
Number of pages: 186 – 195
Issue Number: 1
Annotation: A study undertaken in the Trincomalee District with 417 women.The prevalence of reported wife beating among ever-married women was 30% and the prevalence of wife beating in the year preceding the study was 22%.


Wives’ Attitudes towards Gender Roles and their Experience of Intimate Partner Violence by Husbands in Central Province, Sri Lanka
Written by: Achini Jayatilleke, Krishna C Poudel, Kayako Sakisaka, Junko Yasuoka, Achala Upendra Jayatilleke, Masamine Jimba
Type: Journal of Interpersonal Violence
Publisher: SAGE
Date of Publication: 2010
ISBN: 10.1177/0886260510363420
Page Number: 24
Language: English
Annotation: A study in the Central Province with 624 wives found that 36% had experienced at least one episode of physical, psychological or sexual abuse by their husbands during their life time (ever abuse), and 19% had experienced such abuse during the past 12 months (current abuse).


Domestic Violence Against Women in Sri Lanka
Page Number: 15
Languages: English, Sinhala
Annotation: An English translation of a Sinhala Bulletin, it offers a description of VAW in Sri Lanka. Also provides statistics from media reports in the Sinhala newspapers.


Intimate Partner Violence in Sri Lanka
Author: Jayatilleke, A.C., Poudel, K.C., Yasuoka, J., Jayatilleke, A.U., Jimba, M.
Type: BioScience Trends
Publisher: Biosci Trends
Year: 2010
Volume Number: 4 (3)
Page Number: 90 – 95
Languages: English
Annotation:Describes the current situation of intimate partner violence (IPV) in Sri Lanka, and proposes possible interventions to prevent IPV. Also includes a literature survey of articles and reports on IPV in Sri Lanka. Results suggested that prevalence of IPV is high (40%) in Sri Lanka.


Is Sexual Harassment a Problem At Sri Lankan Workplaces?
Written by: Arosha S Adikaram
Place of Publication: Colombo
Date of Publication: 2005
Page number: 194
ISBN: 955-607-043-5
Languages: English
Annotation: This is a study of sexual harassment associated problems faced by working women and the way they deal with it within the socio-cultural context. Another focus is on understanding the attitudes of women towards sexual harassment. Associated socio-cultural issues are dealt with as part of the explanation to the reasons why women generally tend to be reluctant to report the harassment they face at work.


Author: Jayadeva Uyangoda and Kumari Jayawardena (Editors)
Publisher: Social Scientists’ Association
Publication: Colombo
Annotation: The journal provides a forum for discussion and debate on democracy, human rights, devolution and peace, social and economic justice,gender equity and other current themes.


Addaraarachchi Revisited: Gender Rights v The Law on Rape
Written by: Somapala Gunadheera
Type: LST Review
Publisher: Law & Society Trust
Place of Publication: Colombo
Page number: 1-19
Issue number: 269
ISBN: 1391-5770
Annotation: This article is a discussion of the impact of the decision on rape in the Kamal Addararachchi case on the law of consent in Sri Lanka.
Link/Location: Law & Society Trust


Author: Women and Media Collective
Publisher: Women and Media Collective
Publication: Colombo
Annotation: The journal aims to publish material that would bring about change based on feminist principles for a society free from violence which would pave the way for a balanced representation of women in decision-making and governance, and advocate for non-discriminatory laws and policies.


Marital Rape and Law in South Asia
Written by: Priya Thngarajah, Ponni Arasu
Type: LST Review
Publisher: Law & Society Trust
Date of Publication: 2000
Page Number: 34-46
Issue Number: 269
ISBN: 1391-5770
Annotation: This article is a comparative analysis of the laws pertaining to marital rape in South Asian countries.
Link/Location: Law & Society Trust Library


Why Live in Fear- Women Speak Out
Author: Center for Society and Religion
Publisher: Center for Society and Religion
Publication: Colombo
Year: 1996
Annotation: This document explores why women choose to remain silent when it comes to matters relating to sexual violence and encourages women to speak out about violence conducted against them.
Link/location: Center for Society and Religion